Essential and natural plant extracts …

healthy and shiny hair

>The essential natural plant extracts are part of the cover-foundation
    which represents 90% of the color cream. It protects the hair, leaving
    it conditioned, smooth and shiny.

>Hydrolysed rice protein – this component has a nurturing, caring,
    moistening and softening effect.

>Extract of Malva Sylvestris – a plant extract with a calming, softening and smoothing effect.
    This ingredient gives the hair more shine and smoothness.

>Dimethicone – combines the moisturizing characteristics of the  Limnathes Alba and
    the unique properties of silicone. The extracts of the oil possess restorative properties
    and the capacity to support the penetration of the permanent color and therefore
    improve the final color result.

>Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) – anti-oxidative power. Avoids strong color reactions.

Why ammoniac: alkaline substance

> In Hair Color ammoniac is the alkaline substance

> Through ammoniac the hair shaft swells, the cuticle opens up and the pigments
    and hydrogen peroxides can enter the hair cortex.

> Ammoniac releases oxygen out of the hydrogen peroxide, by which the pigments oxidize.

> Ammoniac, together with oxygen, activates the brightening process.

> As ammoniac is gaseous, it evaporates at the beginning of the coloring process.

> Unlike ammoniac (MEA) Mono Ethanol Amines stay in the hair color and swell the hair
     unnecessarily. Advantage: no smell is perceived, Disadvantage: damage of hair structure

>Through quick evaporation the hair color lasts longer and the hair shine is strengthened.
    It creates an amazing hair structure without silicones.